Denny Bank - Bass Guitar/Guitar

Born in Pittsburgh, Denny is a graduate of Trafford High School.

He counts among his influences the Beatles, the Jimi Hendrix Experience, the Out of Sights, the Rockin' Souls, the Doors, the Rolling Stones, the Iron City House Rockers, the Mystic Knights, the Nieds Hotel Band and the Businessmen.

In his spare time, Denny likes to collect vintage guitars and amplifiers. He is married to his "wonderful wife 'Lyn' (Lynda) who has been so understanding for so many years about 'the Music'. I love you, sweetie!"

"Thanks to all of the members of Shot o'Soul who I admire and respect. Plus these few from my past: Nick Miele, Ricky Matulja, Butchy DeCeaser, Dave DiRinaldo, Dave Lenart, Donny Adamik, Johnny Labik, Eric Beam, Gil Snyder, Jim Scuffle, Dave Zordich and C.J. Puhala."

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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