Lee Baumann

Raised in the Mon Valley, Lee grew up playing all types of music and many instruments. Through public school music education, Lee learned to play classical, rock and roll, popular, jazz, dixieland and other genres of music on almost all of the woodwind instruments.

While in high school, Lee played in several local bands and also belonged to a number of classical music organizations. Lee majored in Music Performance at Carnegie Mellon University and continued his career as a member of the renowned "Dodge Kids Band" playing swing, big band and jazz music at venues throughout the East coast. It was during this time that Lee became focused on continuing his training in jazz and classical.

Lee continued his education at Arizona State University where he was a Jazz Performance major. It was during this time that he connected with the West coast 'music scene' playing with numerous groups in jazz and blues.

After graduation, Lee became a free-lance musician and recorded with such artists as John Denver, Emerson Lake and Palmer, and several touring productions of Broadway Musicals.

After a 15-year absence from the music world, Lee is thrilled to be back on the scene in Pittsburgh as a founding member of Shot O' Soul.

Shot O'Soul Band
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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